Surviving Parenthood

Children’s Book Shelf

by Mother of two

We purchased this bookshelf to store all of the Little Lum’s books but I think we might actually need a second one for his growing collection.  We use the top section to display his favorite books like a library and use the bottom bins to store the ones that have fallen out of favor to save some room.  He really likes his shelf because it’s built to his height and he can pick and choose some of the books he wants before his bedtime.  On occasion, he will even dig into the bins for an older book.

I really like the canvas style children’s book shelf. My son simply adores his bookshelf, and he looks so cute digging around through it. There are other less expensive models on Amazon, but instead of using canvas they use a plastic/nylon mesh material similar to reusable shopping bags.  Personally, I just prefer canvas because they feel and look more natural to me.

The shelf did require a small amount of assembly but it was very simple. I actually did most of it by myself.