Surviving Parenthood

Cheapest Baby Formula Ever

by Mother of two

I have used Good Start Protect formula for both my babies. Good Start contains  “Unique Comfort Proteins for Easy Digestion”.  It also contains DHA, ARA & B. lactis (natural probiotic).  I initially used Emfamil for Little Lum when he was a newborn until he started to spit-up and as a result I switched over to Good Start.  With Little Wing, I have only used Good Start and I have never had a problem (knock on wood).

This week CVS has one of the best deals on Good Start (23.2 oz) formulas that I have seen.   CVS has both the Gentle (orange label) & Protect (green label) on sale for $21.99.  The offer is for a FREE, $10 gift card for every $30 purchase with a limit of 5 gift cards per week.

I bought seven (7),  paid a total of $153.93, and received $50 worth of gift cards.  Final price $14.85 each after the gift card, that’s over 30% in saving. I am stocked up!  This price even beats out Walmart & Amazon.