Surviving Parenthood

Disneyland Annual Pasport

by Mother of two

Our New Pass

Our old pass was returned to us, after a hold was punched on the lower right hand corner.


We finally renewed our Disneyland Annual Passes.  Our Little Lum has been asking for Disneyland for quite some time now.  The old passes had expired back in April, and because we have been busy with our second baby we have not had a chance to go until now.  My husband purchased the Southern California Resident Annual Passes from his work for $239 each, regular price is $269.  So for starters we saved $60 on both passes!  Now our dilemma was when to go.  We wanted to go the coming Saturday, but all Saturdays were designated as blackout days for our type of pass.

We had heard a rumor that when you activate your pass (the first time you use it) you can get entry into the park on any date, even a blackout date.  Risking being turned away, we took a chance packed the kids and headed down to Anaheim. Lucky for us, we got in!!!!!


Actually, it wasn’t luck at all.  According to Disneyland policy, you can purchase a single day ticket and go into Disneyland, and visit the Disney City Hall to upgrade your ticket into an Annual Pass.  So technically it is legitimate.  Luck had nothing to do with it. To speed up the registration process, we brought our old passes so we skipped the long line to take a new picture. The new passes are thicker and do not have your pictures on the back.  When you scan the card, your picture appears on the check in screen for the screener.  The new cards also have a Disney Photo Pass bar code on the back, so you don’t have to carry 2 cards.

Little Lum had a fantastic day at (what I like to call) Dland & Ca Adventure.  He told Daddy the he “LOVES Disneyland!”.