Surviving Parenthood

On Hiatus

by Mother of two

The past few weeks have been very chaotic.  We celebrated our two boys birthdays, moved into our new house which actually still needs some work, and unexpectedly discovered that we will add a new member to our growing family this fall.  All of this in the span of a few short weeks.

The boys have now adjusted to their new home.  We are currently waiting for the weather to warm up so that they can finally enjoy the pool, and the beautiful backyard area.

The moving process has really slowed down.  We are somewhat settled in but we still have a lot of boxes left unpacked in the garage.  We are learning the joys and pain of home ownership for the first time.  But overall, we are excited for our growing family at our new home.

As for Baby Number 3, what is there to say?  This is truly a blessing, a true gift from GOD.  We have family and friends who have tried for years and have even sought help from doctors to little avail.  We have always contemplated a third child but with our growing fatigue and dwindling bank accounts, it really was the last thing that we had in mind.  If we had to plan it, it would probably never have happened.  After getting over the initial shock of the pregnancy, we began to get excited for our growing family.  Maybe it’s a girl.  We can’t wait to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl, but the only thing that is truly important is that we get a happy and healthy baby.  Nothing matters more than that.

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