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Baby Gear: Jumperoo

by Mother of two

Our overly abused Jumperoo!

The Jumperoo looked really fun and it had great reviews from other parents when we were shopping for it online.  We purchased it for Little Lum when he was only 4 months old and he really enjoyed it.  We continued to use it even when he had outgrown it.  He had a really great time exploring the different areas and jumping up and down in it.

You will probably notice this about toddlers.  They want to spend some time standing, crawling, and sitting.  This one will keep them standing, and sitting depending on how high you setup your straps.  The Jumperoo has the three basic things that generally keep babies very happy.  It moves, it’s got bright blinking lights, and it plays music.  As an added bonus, if you can make your baby excited while sitting in it, they will tire themselves jumping so it’s going to be quiet night of sleep too.

Unfortunately, our new baby, Little Wing does not like it as much as his brother.  He is only good for about 5 minutes before he starts asking (crying) to be taken out.  Whereas his brother, could last entire meals inside of it so this was really well worth it for us.

The Jumperoo has served us well and it’s actually quite durable despite the abuse that it can take from my older son.  It’s still in pretty decent shape even after our second boy.  Overall, we really like it and I would definitely recommend the Jumperoo to any baby household.

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