Surviving Parenthood

Baby Essentials: Water Boiler & Warmer

by Mother of two

A Water Boiler & Warmer is an absolute must have for everyone with or without babies, but it is definitely essential for new parents.  Most Asian families probably already have one in their kitchen.  It is an appliance that boils and maintains readily hot to warm drinking water at the press of the button. Most machines will allow you to program and set the temperature you prefer so you can have readily available hot water for either a late night cup of noodles, tea, coffee, cooking, you name it.  Since we have babies, we mainly use ours to mix baby formula or to rewarm bottles.  We also use it to provide warm water to warm our diaper wipes at night for the kids.  Sometimes you simply can’t wait (crying baby) for the cold water pipes (especially at night) to heat up and provide you with hot water.   It’s a great appliance to have in any household.  I also strongly recommend it for the college dorm room.  It’s like your first smartphone, once you’ve had one you cannot imagine how you could live your whole life without one.  Yes, it’s that great of an appliance and it will simplify your life tremendously.


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