Surviving Parenthood

Goodnight Moon

by Mother of two

Our is so loved that it is rough around the edges.

What can I say about this great classic?  I purchased this book out of peer pressure.  The reviews were great and many of my friends highly recommended it.  When I got my copy, I did not understand what all the hype was about. The color scheme is odd.  Black & white pages were alternated with color pages.  Green and red dominated the color pages.  I was not impressed at all!

Contrary to my belief, Little Lum just fell in love with this book.  After a few readings, he was excited to find the little mouse throughout the book.  He also began pointing out the other things in the room.  Pretty soon he was reading along with me.  He loves to pitch in and finish my sentences and can get pretty upset if I don’t pause long enough to give him a chance to do it.  This is an all-time classic and a must have in every child’s collection.

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