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Baby Essentials: Evenflo Glass Bottles

by Mother of two

4 oz. & 8 oz. bottles

When it comes to baby bottles, I am old fashioned.  I still remember the old glass bottles that my parents used for my brother back in the early 80’s.  With the birth of Little Lum, I purchased a set of glass bottles.  At the time, Evenflo was the only company that made a readily available
glass baby bottle.  Now glass bottles are more popular and companies like Bornfree, Dr. Brown, and Munchkin, manufacture glass bottles in addition to their plastic line.

There are good reasons to go “glass”.  My Evenflo glass bottles do have a plastic ring and cap, but they are made from BPA-Free plastic.  The Evenflo’s have no painted markings on the bottles because the graduations are formed onto the glass so they will never fade or scratch off. Glass bottles also retain heat better then plastic. The Evenflo comes in two sizes 4 or 8 oz. bottles and plastic sleeves are available if you want to improve the grip.

The glass bottles are easy to clean and safe on the microwave sterilizer or boiling over water if you prefer (even the nipple and plastic parts).  Their nipple replacements are inexpensive and you have two varieties to choose from.  The Classic which is a standard nipple and the Purely Comfi, which has a curvier nipple to fit your infant’s mouth better. An added plus for the Evenflo is that their bottles are compatible with my Medela Breast Pump.  This is very convenient.  I can just screw on my Evenflo bottles directly on to my breast pump.   When I am done, I can just transfer the bottles to the refrigerator.  I can even freeze the bottles if I want since they are glass.

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