Surviving Parenthood

Baby Number Two

by Mother of two

I am glad to announce the arrival of our second baby boy Little Wing Wing. Little Wing Wing was so eager to make his debut this February that we barely managed to reach the hospital on time for his delivery. Any delays that night would have certainly forced my husband to play the role of delivery doctor while racing down the highway that night. Fortunately for us it was pretty close but we somehow managed to get there on time.

The road to parenthood is never an easy one to say the least, but as the seasoned parents of a two year old we were much better prepared then the first time around. Juggling between a toddler and a newborn is exhausting and always a great challenge. You must maintain full vigil, while surviving on a steady diet of half hour naps throughout the night. Individually the boys are easy, but together it is a whole different story. There is synergy to the added chaos. Not to sound too cliché, but children do grow up so fast. In just the three short months since the Little Wing’s arrival, he has grown so much and thankfully become easier with each passing day.

Big brother Lum Lum took his time to warm up to his younger brother. For two months he would take every opportunity to take his baby brother’s things and hit him for absolutely no reason (okay, maybe he was just a little jealous for the shared attention). After awhile it became very frustrating, to send him to his corner for timeouts for acting up all the time.

It is now nearly three months, and Lum Lum has really warmed up to Wing Wing. It was trying at times, but Lum Lum has come a long way and demonstrated some maturing along the way. He will now casually pat gently, and be willing to hug or kiss his brother. Even occasionally giving him one of his toys. Although he has improved the Lum Lum will still ask us to abandon his baby brother at the local Costco so we still have some work to do. I’m sure that in due time, they will become an inseparable pair, but until then we will just have to wait.

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