Surviving Parenthood


by Mother of two

I started to read to Little Lum when he was only 7 months old.  My friends and our pediatrician all recommended reading to him earlier on, but at the time I thought that they were all crazy!  When I finally started, I used a picture book called, “Can You See What I See? Trucks And Cars”, by Walter Wick and began incorporating it into his daily bedtime routine.  I chose the book because it was a very simple eye catching book.  By the time he turned 10 to 11 months, my son began to display some real interest, and started to show an attachment to his books. To some more than others but he clearly had preferences even at that young age.

When I buy books for him, I like simple well illustrated books that are not too wordy.  Overly wordy books are hard for young children to read, since they have a shorter attention span.  For my own entertainment, I prefer books that rhyme, which makes for a more entertaining reading.

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