Surviving Parenthood

Preparing for Mommy’s homecoming!

by Mother of two

Preparing for Mommy’s homecoming!  When I was preparing for my first baby and researching on supplies and preparations needed, I saw very little information about preparing for Mommy’s homecoming. I was very fortunate to have a great coworker who gave me the following list.  Thank you JK.

  1. Feminine Pads – Thinner & larger the better.  I would stock up before having a baby; otherwise I have to send my poor husband to the store with very specific instructions on which kind to buy (speaking from personal experience).
  2. Granny Panties – Ugly, but you don’t feel guilty if you ruin them
  3. Tucks Pads – Really work and make your sore spot feel better.  If you have a tear/episiotomy and are really uncomfortable, try sticking a few on your pad and voila!  P.S. these are flushable.
  4. Dermaplast – If you have a tear/episiotomy, spray your sore spot when uncomfortable epescially going or just after bathroom visits.  I was given one in the hospital to use and took it home when I left.
  5. Docusate Sodium (stool softner) – So you don’t have to buy them when you’re discharged from the hospital.  It will really make going to the bathroom (stool) easier, and is a definite must if you have a tear/episiotomy.  I took this religiously for the first few weeks after delivery.
  6. Prenatal Vitamins
  7. Advil (Ibuprofen) – I took it around the clock as prescribed by my doctor as part of my discharge for the first few days.  I had tears and this really helped with the discomfort.
  8. Sitz Bath – If you have a tear/episiotomy, really do this.  It improves circulation and cleans out the area and improves healing.  Use warm/hot (as hot as you can tolerate water and as often as you can (easier said than done, I know). I was given one in the hospital, but sometimes you need to ask the nurse if it is not already in your room.
  9. Hand Held Mirror – To check healing areas.  It is better to look and keep an eye on things than to be shy.
  10. Chux (blue sheet things from hospital) – To protect your bed sheets either before delivery/after delivery.  I use this in public restroom to line the changing table before placing down my changing pad. I lay these underneath my preschooler’s bed sheet.  Since he sleeps without a diaper now, this helps me clean up his bed quickly at night if he has accidents.  I just pull off the top layer of sheet and chux and he is ready to go.
  11. Headbands to quickly get your hair under control.  I normally cut my hair short before delivering and I normally loose A LOT of hair after the baby comes.  The headband also helps me keep my bathroom floors free from the loose hair.
  12. Snacks – It is so hard to feed yourself and take care of yourself.  Sleep when you can and eat when you can.  Cleaning can wait.
  13. Stretchmark cream – Hey, if there is any chance that it works, I am all for it.
  14. Helpful tip:  The hospital will give you a Peri-Bottle (basically a squirt bottle) to help keep you clean when using the bathroom. Try to get an extra one (one for each bathroom you have at home) if you can.  They come in handy later as great bath play-toy for kids (silly, yes).
  15. Helpful tip:  If its really uncomfortable to sit try sitting on a soft pillow instead of a donut shaped pillow or Boppy.

There is no easy way to handle the first few months following your baby’s arrival.  Take all the help you can.  Anyone who wants to come and hold your baby for a few hours while you sleep is welcomed to.  If you can afford it, get someone to come and clean your house during this time.  Grandparents are also great help.  If you have a type “A” personality like me, you will need to learn to let go a bit.  With all that in mind make sure that you enjoy your time with your baby because before you know it, they will be all grown up before your eyes.

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