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Preparing for your Baby’s homecoming!

by Mother of two

Preparing for your BABY’s homecoming!  I was never able to find a good list as I prepared for my first baby.  I tried to strike a balance between preparedness, and practicality.  We over stocked on some items for my Little Lum because we were simply inexperienced and did not know what we needed.  So now as a more seasoned parent here is my very own list for new parents.  Not too over the top, but just the bare essentials that I think you might need.

  1. Diapers & Wipes – 50 newborn diapers a few packs of “fragrance free” & “sensitive” diaper wipes.  If you have a smaller baby (less than 8lbs) you can probably use 100 newborn diapers.  Don’t stock up on sizes, N (newborn), 1 & 2.  Your baby will be growing very fast at this stage and he will outgrow the diaper size very fast.  I switched my 8 lbs baby to size one (1) the same week we came home from the hospital.  His thighs were already a bit chubby for the newborn diapers.  As for the baby wipes, I normally like to rinse my wipes in warm water to decrease the chemicals and to provide a more soothing warm wipe (see #10 Chinese hot water warmer).
  2. Formula – Even if you are breastfeeding it is always nice to keep some formula around just in case you want to take a longer nap or have someone watch your baby for more than a few hours.  Be careful not to over stock too many of one kind.  Some babies develop constipation or spit up on certain brands.  I used Nestle Good Start for my baby’s first few months because he digested better.
  3. Bottles – I used Evenflo glass bottles (simple & inexpensive) and switched to a BPA-Free plastic one when I needed a bigger sized bottle. A newborn will need feeding every two hours so you might want at least 6 bottles so you won’t have to be washing all the time.  I had Avent bottles that LEAKED and LEAKED and LEAKED.  I really hate them!  I heard that they bandaged the problem since I purchased my bottles but I am not trying them again.  (Please read my Avent bottle article if you are still interested.)
  4. Pacifiers –Don’t judge.  They can be a lifesaver when you are overly tired and really need some sleep.
  5. Layettes – 5-10 onesies.  I prefer the kimono style or front snap versus the pull over for the newborn because they are easier to put on.  Because I swaddle my babies, I normally put them in the half body onesies with bare legs.    Depending on the weather, you might need to put more or less clothing on your baby (or just use your heater/AC). Remember to wash all of your baby’s clothes, blankets, etc before using.
  6. Mittens & socks – I like socks because you can double them up and use them as mittens to prevent you baby from scratching himself.  Make sure you wash you baby’s hands regularly, they tend to develop a funky smell if you keep them wrapped up for too long.
  7. Swaddling blankets – 3-6.  If you plan to swaddle your baby then you may need more. I like larger blankets and avoid the smaller receiving blankets that are 28×28.
  8. Heater & Humidifier – I like to keep my nursery warmer than the rest of the house.  So I normally have a space heater (oil filled radiator) and a humidifier running at the same time.
  9. Chinese hot water warmer – This appliance provides instant hot water.  We use it to mix formula and also to rinse and warm up our baby wipes.
  10. Crib – Assemble cribs and bedding before your baby’s arrival.  Make sure to wash all beddings with unscented detergent before using.
  11. Baby Swing – Baby swings really helps me at night and is an absolute necessity in my house.  I use it mainly at night after a late feeding to help him sleep longer, so that I can sleep.  Don’t forget, if your baby doesn’t sleep you don’t get to sleep either.
  12. Carseat/Infant carrier – Install the base in your car prior to delivery.
  13. Detergent – We use “All” in the white bottles.  It is less expensive than “Dreft”.  My kids seem to be okay with it.
  14. Baby Hygienic Products – I try to use an all-natural lotion and shampoo, like “Burt’s Bee Baby” or “California Baby” for my infants because they tend to have very sensitive skin.
  15. Baby Bathtub – It is really hard to bathe an infant.  Your baby bathtub should be one with an attachable net for newborns.  There is a new soft foldable tub called PUJ TUB.  Looks interesting but I haven’t tried it.
  16. Amazon Mom – During my first few months home I used Amazon Mom all the time.  Amazon Mom is a program that

Make sure all of the above baby supplies are easily accessible for (not only you) your spouse, grandparents, friends, neighbors or anyone coming in to help you with the baby.  You want to make sure people don’t have to wake you up and ask you for things when you are napping.  This will make things run much smoother and also helps Mommy get as much rest as you can.

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