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Otter Box Great Customer Service!

by Mother of two

Crack in my old Otterbox.

Otter Box Great Customer Service!

I have an iPhone 4.  With 2 short tempered little boys that have a tendency of throwing the phone when either the 4G or Wi-Fi service is interrupted, I rely on my Otter Box to protect it.  The Otter Box cover has a hard plastic shell that is covered by a soft plastic wrap for a better grip.  It will double the size of your phone, but it will go above and beyond to keep my phone in one piece.  My phone has been through my minivan accident where it flew from the third row of the car to slam on the front dash to daily tantrum beatings by the boys.  After two years, my phone is still intact and working perfectly thanks to the superb protection from Otter Box phone case.

Recently, I noticed some cracks in my hard plastic cover when I was cleaning my phone.  I was disappointed and I wanted to know if it was still covered under warranty.  I called them up to ask if it was still covered, otherwise I would have asked my credit card company to replace it instead.  I spoke with a customer service representative and he said that they would replace it, with no question asked.

I gave them my name, address, phone, & where I purchased the phone.  He told me that if the company still makes the case, they will replace it regardless of the 1 year limited warranty.  Their main concern was that my phone was protected.  So nice!  My poor phone greatly appreciates it!  They didn’t have my exact color but gave me a list to pick from.  My new cover should be arriving within a week or two (they are currently out of stock due to the high demand for iPhone 5 covers).

If you have young kids handling your smartphones or tablets Otter Box covers might be a good choice!  I purchased my case from Amazon but you can also purchase it directly from their site as well at

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