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Luvs Diapers

by Mother of two

I got a box of Luvs.  Since baby number 3 is on her way, I am trying to save some money so I downgraded from Huggies (my preferred brand).  In my opinion, Luvs tries to emulate Pampers (probably because they have the biggest share of the market).  The diapers are thinner than Huggies and smell good, just like the Pampers.  It holds well but I still prefer Huggies diaper for bedtime.  The tabs are similar to Pampers but the folds are a little sharp along the edges facing the inner thigh.  I compensate for this by pulling the tabs closer to the middle since their diapers are looser.  The gel is also softer than Huggies so when the diaper becomes wet it tends to sag more.

Overall, I am satisfied with Luvs and I have no major complaints about them.  But my first choice is still Huggies over either Luvs or Pampers.

I order my diapers thru Amazon with Subscribe and Save & Amazon Mom discounts.  Size 4 diapers come out to roughly  $0.16 per diaper.  Huggies & Pampers would cost me closer to $0.20 per diaper.

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