Surviving Parenthood

My 2 Jumping Babies!

by Mother of two

I am soon to become the proud mother of 2 jumping baby boys.  By soon, I really mean at any given moment.  It has been 38 weeks since we received the news of my pregnancy and 3 weeks since I have been home waiting for my son’s arrival.  He is most likely curled snugly in the fetal position wondering about the constant loud ruckus outside.  That noise outside, being his older brother Little Lum using his younger brother as a pillow inside my belly.

Little Lum is your typical curious, fun loving, rambunctious 2 year old who finds wonder and amazement at every corner.  The simplest things will thrill him and send him into a big frenzy.  Ultimately, Lum is a gentle soul, who is willing to share a nice warm hug whenever he senses others distress. He is always active and so full of energy that he can get a little rough whenever he gets excited.

Having said all that, Lum’s soon to be born brother has nothing to worry about.    If the level of activity that I am experiencing inside of my belly is any indication for things to come, Baby No.2 will certainly give his older brother a run for his money (or as Daddy would say Lum version 2.0).  He is by far the more active one inside of the belly, and at times I could swear that he tries to interact with his brother outside.  My Little Lum would rough play and head butt the belly and his little brother would appear to kick him back in response.  Yep, this is just a taste of what my life will be like with 2 little jumping boys.