Surviving Parenthood

Sandra Boynton

by Mother of two

Another favorite author in my house is Sandra Boynton.  You may recognize some of her book such as “Barnyard Dance!”, “Pajama Time!”, and “Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!” which are now also available as a box set.  All of her books are a fun read because they are rhymes, which is important because my son likes to make me read them over and over again at bedtime.

I read “Barnyard Dance!” like someone singing a line dancing song.  Little Lum normally sits on my lap when we read so I like to bounce him to the rhythm of the story as I read.  “Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!” is also a good read because it teaches “opposites.” My Little Lum learned some words very quickly and was able to follow me during our bedtime reading sessions. We also have other titles that are just as
fun and silly, like “Moo Baa, La La La” and another whole series of books about a pig called “Little Pookie”.  Overall, all of Sandra Boynton’s books are fairly consistent and I would recommend them to any parent because I find them entertaining and easy to read.  My son loves it, and we have enjoyed our collection greatly!

Goodnight Moon

by Mother of two

Our is so loved that it is rough around the edges.

What can I say about this great classic?  I purchased this book out of peer pressure.  The reviews were great and many of my friends highly recommended it.  When I got my copy, I did not understand what all the hype was about. The color scheme is odd.  Black & white pages were alternated with color pages.  Green and red dominated the color pages.  I was not impressed at all!

Contrary to my belief, Little Lum just fell in love with this book.  After a few readings, he was excited to find the little mouse throughout the book.  He also began pointing out the other things in the room.  Pretty soon he was reading along with me.  He loves to pitch in and finish my sentences and can get pretty upset if I don’t pause long enough to give him a chance to do it.  This is an all-time classic and a must have in every child’s collection.

Children’s Book Shelf

by Mother of two

We purchased this bookshelf to store all of the Little Lum’s books but I think we might actually need a second one for his growing collection.  We use the top section to display his favorite books like a library and use the bottom bins to store the ones that have fallen out of favor to save some room.  He really likes his shelf because it’s built to his height and he can pick and choose some of the books he wants before his bedtime.  On occasion, he will even dig into the bins for an older book.

I really like the canvas style children’s book shelf. My son simply adores his bookshelf, and he looks so cute digging around through it. There are other less expensive models on Amazon, but instead of using canvas they use a plastic/nylon mesh material similar to reusable shopping bags.  Personally, I just prefer canvas because they feel and look more natural to me.

The shelf did require a small amount of assembly but it was very simple. I actually did most of it by myself.

Karen Katz

by Mother of two

Just a few of Karen Katz's books from Little Lum's Library.

Karen Katz is one of my son’s favorite authors.  The pages are colorful and the text is simple and not overly wordy for a one year old. What’s special about the book are the flaps on every page.  The flaps help to engage the young reader through a process of reading and discovery. The text and illustration will pose a question (which brings out the reader’s curiosity) and follows up by allowing him to discover the answer through the text and illustration underneath the flap.  The books can be purchased individually, but the box sets are by far the best deal you will find.

We started with two (2) box sets:   “Baby’s Box of Family Fun” and “Baby’s Box of Fun” because they were the best deals. Little Lum’s favorite books in the sets were “Toes, Ears, & Nose!” & “Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?” Through time I’ve had to repair those two with tape so often that the books have acquired a laminated look from the glossy tape.  At almost three, my Little
Lum has moved on to more sophisticated books but he will still occasionally request one of Katz books to read, especially when he sees me reading to his younger brother, Little Wing.

We got our box sets from Amazon.


by Mother of two

I started to read to Little Lum when he was only 7 months old.  My friends and our pediatrician all recommended reading to him earlier on, but at the time I thought that they were all crazy!  When I finally started, I used a picture book called, “Can You See What I See? Trucks And Cars”, by Walter Wick and began incorporating it into his daily bedtime routine.  I chose the book because it was a very simple eye catching book.  By the time he turned 10 to 11 months, my son began to display some real interest, and started to show an attachment to his books. To some more than others but he clearly had preferences even at that young age.

When I buy books for him, I like simple well illustrated books that are not too wordy.  Overly wordy books are hard for young children to read, since they have a shorter attention span.  For my own entertainment, I prefer books that rhyme, which makes for a more entertaining reading.