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Baby Essentials: Diappers

by Mother of two

How much to buy?

In preparation for a newborn I would only stock 50-75 “newborn” size diapers for an average size baby (7-8lbs).  A newborn baby may go anywhere from 8-12 diapers daily.  My recommendation would be not to over stock on (N) newborn or size (1) diapers.  Diapers allow for some flexibility because the sizes overlap.  The straps allow you adjust to a slightly larger or smaller baby so you don’t really have to overstock on any particular size.  My second baby was born at over 8 pounds so we managed to skip to a size (1) by our first few days out of the hospital.  Fortunately for us we did not overstock on our newborn diapers.

Huggies vs. Pampers:

In the battle between Huggies & Pampers, Pampers has a slight edge in the marketplace, but I personally prefer the Huggies.  Pampers smell better and feel more cloth like.  Their advertisement boasts of a thinner diaper with the same holding capacity as the competition.  In practice, I find that the Huggies hold more.  But the real deal breaker for me was not capacity but the velcro tabs design on the Pampers Swaddler.

The velcro tabs on Pampers Swaddler are made from hard plastic that can create a sharp edge that pokes uncomfortably into your baby’s thigh. This is especially concerning for chunkier babies.  I was so frustrated at the hospital with my Little Wing diapers that I switched immediately to Huggies after I came home. Overall, I don’t have a very strong preference for either brand.  Just whichever one is on sale.  Costco carries Huggies so it is more convenient for us.  I also like the new Slip-On diapers from Huggies for my older Toddler.  The Slip-On diapers are like Pull-Ups but they can absorb more.

Best Diaper Prices:

Speaking about Costco, I buy wipes and diapers from Costco because it is convenient and not because it has the best price.  If you can spare two days, you can sometimes purchase the items much cheaper through your “Amazon Mom” (15% off from regular with their “Subscribe and Save” (additional 5% off) and have it conveniently delivered to your home.  If you are into couponing, you can catch equally great deals at your local superstores like Target or Walmart or local drugstores like CVS or Rite Aid.  The one downside, being that it can be very time consuming to collect coupons and match it to the best local sale.

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