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Baby Essentials: Gerber Nuk Bottles

by Mother of two

Little Wing's new bottles

I am so excited!   One of my Christmas presents from the Hubby are a set of new baby bottles.  We have been struggling with our old Avent Bottles for a while now I am ready to toss them in the TRASH.  No more leaky bottles.

We decided on Nuk Orthodontic Bottles because Little Wing is currently using Nuk Pacifiers and we thought this would facilitate a smoother transition.  The bottles are BPA-Free with a wide mouth.  The lid stands by itself without rolling around on the countertop.  The Nuk orthodontic nipples promotes healthy teeth formation and has an “Anti-Colic Air System” that allows air to flow into the bottles and not to your baby’s belly.  This prevents nipples from collapsing and allows a better flow during feeding.  The bottles come in 3 different colors and 2 sizes, 5 oz. & 10 oz.

As much as I like these new bottles there are a few things to take note of.  First of all, the nipple are unidirectional, meaning there is a top and a bottom.  I normally look for the venting hole, which should always be facing upwards.  When mixing the bottles, the provided cap should be used otherwise milk will spill from the hole in the nipple from the shaking.  The caps must also be used for traveling because the bottles will spill if they are tipped over.  This is however not uncommon, as it should be noted that most brands of baby bottles come with a similar cap for the exact same reason.  Other than these two issues I do not really love these bottles and most importantly, so does Little Wing.

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